Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath; Benefits and Types

 March 3, 2020

Sauna bath is a bath taken to make bathers perspire in a small room designed to experience dry or wet heat sessions.  You can experience moisture as low as 10 percent or as high as 60 percent in a sauna. The amount of moisture your experience depends upon the style of a sauna. In some sauna, you can increase the humidity by pouring water on rocks to create steam. Sauna bath soothes your nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles. It is also used as a means to calm the body and relieve stress.

Benefits of Sauna Bath

Muscle relaxation and soothe aches in both muscle and joints

Helps in lowering blood pressure

Reduces stress level and promotes better sleep

Cleanses the skin and help you look younger

Makes the immune system stronger

Types of Sauna Bath



Smoke sauna referred to as “Savusauna” in Finnish is one of the earliest forms of the sauna. It has a big wood-burning stove to heat rocks in a room without a chimney. The main source for heating the sauna is by burning a lot of wood to heat the massive rocks. The sauna is ready for the genuine sauna experience after heating and ventilating the room.



Electric sauna is the most common modern sauna which creates heat with a wall or floor mounted electric heater. It is efficient, safe, stylish and easy to use as you can usually find a remote control with a temperature display to adjust the heat to your desired temperature. You also can find heaters for different sauna sizes.



The wood-burning sauna is the traditional Finnish sauna type. The rocks or wood is used to produce heat by burning it in the stove. The amount of heat in the room can be modified by the users by adjusting the rate of burn. You can control humidity in the sauna by throwing some water on the heated rocks.



The infrared sauna is also known as the “Heat therapy room” as an infrared heating system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. The heating elements reflect heat in the form of light directly onto a user’s body in this sauna. Infrared saunas are often used by athletes for toning the muscles before or after sports and also used in studies evaluating cardiovascular benefits of sauna. Infrared sauna simply helps in relaxing the body.